Allow us to introduce ourselves…
Divas are women with exquisite qualities and capabilities. We are outstanding through actions that are sincere, loving and thoughtful. Our accomplishments, whether significant or minor exemplifies our character. In retrospect, it is a look into our soul. This is what it means to be Lambda Pi Upsilon Divas...
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We are a mosaic of women coming together as Sisters, bonded from the heart by Hermandad, working together through Pride, Dignity and Love.
- Founding Mother Maria Fritz-Rodriguez
Remember to love each other, forgive each other, support each other, and listen to each other. If we can do that we can truly succeed and be instruments of change.
- Founding Mother Nancy Martinez
Remember where we come from because it builds a strong foundation from which we can continue building Pillars of Strength that have and will carry us into a triumphant future.
- Founding Mother Sandra Mosquera-Valerio
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